Horse Race Betting at Horseshoe Casino

Horseshoe Casino Baltimore plans to offer its customers horse race betting soon. As of now, no casino is the state of Maryland has this facility. If Horseshoe Casino’s plans bear fruit, it will be the first casino in the state to offer its patrons a chance to enjoy horse race betting.

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In fact, preparations to enable horse race betting at the casino are almost done. The management is keen to see all equipment in place before May, when two horse race events scheduled in the first half of the month. The Kentucky Derby is scheduled for 2nd May and another event, Preakness is scheduled for the 16th of May.

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The betting area is in the vicinity of the Baltimore Marketplace. The place is set on the first floor of the building and all equipments needed to place the bet would be available here. The Horseshoe casino management soon plans to equip the room with television sets and carrels for the purpose. They also plan to open two terminals where bettors can place bets by themselves. But the date is not known yet for the installation of these self-betting machines. The casino management would also have a teller on hand for big racing events like Preakness.

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