Casino in California

Shootout Causes Closing of California Casino

A Central California casino closed after many gamblers were induced by an armed confrontation between tribal factions to flee with their belongings left at the door. Ultimately the threat of death and serious grew to be too much for The National Indian Gaming Commission, and the casino was soon slotted for closing.

A faction which was forced from the casino to a bordering tribal company centre in August made an appearance a few days before. In line with the gambling commission, no single one of the factions were terribly receptive to leaving the area as time dragged on. John Anderson, a sheriff in the Madera area, said that about 500 individuals Thursday night fled the casino. Calls for assistance were left unanswered, and he soon lost hope.

A meeting, then, seemed to occur between the resistance forces in the area, and the local police force. Though unfruitful, they were at the very least peaceful in nature. Tensions are high, and the threat of further violence has been lingering in the minds of all of those involved. As a result, security has been tightened up full stop, around the area and its vicinity.

The gambling commission had said it’d shut the casino in the event the tribe did not supply audits and other fiscal records by Oct. 27. One audit is late by around 18 months. The ousted factions would also have a voice on the matter, in the form of their treasurer Vernon King, stating that its intentions were misunderstood, and that these machinations were simply an effort to build against an eventual breakdown of the casino system in the region.

Negotiations had been going on for months, with serious offers being put on the table by the attorneys of the casino. Interest, however, was limited and waned rather quickly.

Dan Bilzerian Spends Weekend Playing Baccarat

What is not to like about Dan Bilzerian?

Dan Bilzerian in shorts on a boat

Not only is the man loaded, but he loves to flaunt it. Judging from his frequent Twitter and Instagram posts, Bilzerian has a great time drinking, eating, partying with beautiful women, and most of all, gambling. Most of his social media posts involve women in bikinis, lots of alcohol, a fancy car or a private jet, and some swanky location.

The high stakes gambling man set his sights on baccarat this weekend. Dan Bilzerian posted on Twitter and Instagram about his weekend adventures. He set off to Vegas on Thursday night, where he spent Friday, Saturday and part of Sunday drinking and gambling away.

Bilzerian is not the type of man to shy away from gambling big money. He claims that he spends $140,000 PER HAND at baccarat over the weekend. There is no telling whether he won or lost big, just an admission of how much he was willing to put on the table. While most of us do not know what it feels like to spend that much money on a hand of cards, we all know the exciting feeling you get from putting it all on the line.

The man claims that his Las Vegas trip was a spur of the moment decision. “I was bored and decided to take a weekend off with my girls” is what he posted on social media. Getting from one place to another on short notice is not a problem for Bilzerian. Not when he has a private jet at his beck and call.

It will be interesting to see what Dan’s next gambling adventure story reveals. He may not always win when he gambles, but one thing is for sure:

Dan Bilzerian certainly knows how to spend his money.