Casino Floor

5 Tips for Hitting the Casino Floor

  1. Don’t put food or drinks on the tables
    You are allowed to eat and drink on the casino floor, but you should not place your dishes or beverages on the playing tables. It is considered bad etiquette and you should use the designated food stands and drink holders or simply hold on to your drink.
  2. You are not allowed to photograph anything in the casino without permission
    Most casinos today have a no camera policy and taking photos of the game tables, players or slot machines is definitely frowned upon.
  3. Do not hand your money or chips to the dealers
    Dealers are not allowed to accept any money or player chips, so if you are looking to make a bet, cash in a payout or just want to buy some chips, you will need to place your cash on the table where they can then pick it up and make the change.
  4. It is a good idea to play maximum bets on the slot machines
    If you place high bets on slot games, you are more likely to win bigger bonuses. Play the maximum bet on the game, which obviously requires more money, but you will increase your chances of hitting a winning payline and also increase the possibility of a bigger win.

    Act accordingly as there are cameras everywhere
    Casinos have cameras tucked away everywhere to capture every movement and any hint of suspicious activity. So remember to play by the rules and don’t do anything you wouldn’t want seen on camera

Win Big This Winter

This winter is promising big things for players making their way online to Vic’s Bingo. Vic’s has already been recognized as one of the world’s leading online bingo providers, however, they plan on raising the stakes slightly higher. They have gained such acclaim across the globe thanks to their consistent tournaments, entertaining games of a distinct variety, and generous offers for promotions.

The Tournaments Ahead

One of the most exciting tournaments to open its doors to players this winter is the Slot Gemstones Tournaments. The tournament offers impressive grand prizes at the same time that Vic’s Bingo will be holding the Bingo Blizzard Tournament. As Christmas draws even closer, Vic’s will be rolling out the Frosty Treats Tournament. The prizes for this tournament available to members includes a 14K gold jewelry set as the first-place prize.

Cash Comes Easy

As the Frosty Treats Tournament runs, players also have the chance to try their luck in the Sugar Rush Tournament, an event in which players have the opportunity to take home prizes that are valued at up to $3,500. The holiday fun continues on with the Winter Wonderland Tournament and the Wild Safari Tournament for players who may not be feeling the cold weather that is quickly approaching. Between these two events, individuals have a shot at $2,500 in cash, a wonderful way to get you in the mood for the holidays or escape the dropping temperatures in your region.

Wrapping Up the Year

At the end of the month, Vic’s Bingo premiers the White Christmas Tournament and the Christmas Carol slots promotion. These two events also come with grand-cash prizes that reach numbers as high as $2,500 for the first place prize. As the New Year peaks around the corner, two more tournaments come players way: the Jolly Jingles Tournament and the Bingo Resolutions Tournament, both of which offer prizes that will let you start 2014 off on a stable financial foot. Players consistently return to Vic’s Bingo for big opportunities such as these. They roll out new and fun-filled opportunities for every season of the year.